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Oznaka: dostava MassMessage
This project may be postponed if necessary. You can [[wikitech:Switch_Datacenter#Schedule_for_2021_switch|read the schedule at]]. Any changes will be announced in the schedule. There will be more notifications about this. A banner will be displayed on all wikis 30 minutes before this operation happens. '''Please share this information with your community.'''</div></div> [[user:SGrabarczuk (WMF)|SGrabarczuk (WMF)]] 03:19, 27. junij 2021 (CEST)
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== Wikisource Satisfaction Survey 2021 ==
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''Apologies for writing in English. {{Int:Please-translate}}''
In the past year, there has been a lot of changes to Wikisource features and tools. This was done by the [[m:Community Tech|Community Tech]] team at the Wikimedia Foundation, grantees funded by the Foundation or through projects like Google Summer of Code. '''We would like to understand what you feel about the changes'''. Tell us what you think about such tools as the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikisource Pagelist Widget|Wikisource Pagelist Widget]] or the new [[m:Community_Tech/Ebook_Export_Improvement#March_31,_2021:_Final_update|Ebook Export tool]].
'''[[m:Wikisource Satisfaction Survey 2021|Take the survey]]''' in English, French, Spanish, Polish, Hindi or Punjabi. '''The deadline is 25th July 2021.'''
This survey will be conducted via a third-party service, which may subject it to additional terms. For more information on privacy and data-handling, see the survey privacy statement ([[wmf:Wikisource Community Tech Survey Privacy Statement|English]], [[wmf:Wikisource Community Tech Survey Privacy Statement/es|Spanish]], [[wmf:Wikisource Community Tech Survey Privacy Statement/fr|French]], [[wmf:Wikisource Community Tech Survey Privacy Statement/pl|Polish]], [[wmf:Wikisource Community Tech Survey Privacy Statement/hi|Hindi]] and [[wmf:Wikisource Community Tech Survey Privacy Statement/pa|Punjabi]]).
If you prefer to send your answers via email, copy [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikisource Satisfaction Survey 2021|the text of the survey]] and send to
If you have any questions or feedback about the survey, write to me at
{{int:Feedback-thanks-title}} [[user:SGill (WMF)|SGill (WMF)]] 00:30, 17. julij 2021 (CEST)
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